Calling Operator

Ep.2 Daragh Kan, from falling into hospitality at 13 to becoming the first product hire at Mr. Yum

Episode Summary

Daragh Kan was turned down from a job at Mcdonald's at 13 for being too young, so he went down the road and worked in the pub (It was Ireland). From there, he started a hugely impressive hospitality career, from opening his first venue at 21 to operating 20+ venues across Australia, but with covid came an opportunity to explore his interest in tech- landing a role as the first product manager at Mr Yum. Daragh is now a senior product manager with some excellent insights into being a PM, skills to hone in on and helpful resources for anyone looking for a career in product (which I've linked below!).

Episode Notes


Marty Cagan, INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

Lenny Rachitsky ‘what is product management

Getting things done, David Allan 

Stolen focus, why you can’t pay attention, Johann Hari